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Govadas (2018)

Project Type

experimental short film


20.-21.11.2019 Gijón International Film Festival, Spain

31.10.2019 Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, Germany

11.10.2019 21e Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris – Power Relations, Grand Action, France

15.-24.8.2019 Seoul International NewMedia Festival, Korea

23.5.2019 Rome Independent Prisma Awards, Italy

6.-10.3.2019 Tampere Film Festival, Finland - National Competition

24.-27.1.2019 Skábmagovat Indigenous Film Festival, Inari, Finland

12.11.2018 Rex Fest, Amos Rex, Helsinki

24.-31.10.2018 Curta Cinema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - International Competition

21.-27.10.2018 Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden - International Competition

11.-21.10.2018 Antimatter [media art], Victoria, BC Canada

26.-30.9.2018 Vaasa Wildlife Festival, Finland

2.8.2018 Indigenous Film Festival, Pine Ridge, South Dakota, US

The poster is designed by Barbara Siemaszko.

The still images are from the film, cinematographer:
Elina Oikari.

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