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Synnyin - exhibition in Forum Box, Helsinki 14.10.-6.11.2022

My solo exhibition Synnyin in Forum Box is still open for one week, so come and see it, if you haven't done so yet!

Tomorrow, Sunday 30th Oct, there will be an easy Finnish language gallery tour around 3 pm in Forum Box. The tour is organized by Selkokulttuuri ry and it will include Galleria Topelius (at 2 pm) and all the current exhibitions of Forum Box: Elina Oikari's Synnyin, Yassine Khaled's The Spiral of Exile and Timo Bredenberg's artwork at the Mediabox, Forum Box's space for media art. Elina Oikari will be at the gallery during the easy Finnish language gallery tour.

There will also be a finissage of the exhibitions of Elina Oikari and Yassine Khaled on Sunday 6th November. The artists will be at the gallery for the two last hours of the exhibition 3 - 5 pm. We will offer some drinks at the finissage.

About the exhibition:

Elina Oikari's film installation Synnyin examines a human being’s existence, paradoxical relationship with nature and the seasons shaped by climate change. The main figure of the work yearns for nature, but is continuously surrounded by the artificial.

The basis of the installation lies in the central idea of existential nihilism, according to which ”each individual [i]s an isolated being “thrown” into … [the] universe, barred forever from knowing why yet required to invent meaning” (Alan Pratt: Nihilism, 2001). Referencing these themes Synnyin presents visual considerations of the meaning and meaninglessness of existence in the context of urban natural environments in the 2020s.

My goal as a filmmaker is to create a work of ”haptic visuality” as in other than vision and hearing based experience. The purpose when shooting the film was, together with the cinematographer Pietari Peltola, to find the angles in which the spectator is nearly able to smell, taste, and feel in their fingertips that they are there at the place of the shot.

The sound design and music is created by Jyri Pirinen. His sound plan is a meeting point for musical-spatial differences.

Synnyin -exhibition has been supported by:

The Central Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation, AVEK – Center for the Promotion of Audiovisual Culture, the Finnish Film Foundation, and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland

photo by: Moona Pennanen

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