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Change of Faces in the online concert of Kuopio Symphony Orchestra - available Spring 2021

The Kuopio Symphony Orchestra had an online concert ”Birth of a New Spring” on 18 February, 2021 livestreamed from the Kuopio Music Centre Concert Hall. The concert includes Ida Moberg’s (1859-1947) "Stillhet", Joonas Kokkonen's (1921-1996) "Il paesaggio" and Outi Tarkiainen's "Eanan, giđa nieida" ( 2016).

In the Epilogue of Outi Tarkiainen's "Eanan, giđa nieida" there is a short film "Change of Faces" (2016) by Elina Oikari. The concert is available at the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra’s YouTube Channel until the end of Spring 2021.

To watch the concert click the photo!


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